Kitesurf Freeride in Guadeloupe – Drone

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Here a small freeride session in Guadeloupe. Spot : Bois Jolan Kite : Peterlynn Hook 10sqm Shoot by drone aeroworx.

When you evaluate the options to choose a wingfoil board, you must start by making a point about your weight, the force of the wind on the spot where you can navigate the most frequently and your level of competence in what concerns the sports of sale (windsurf, kitesurf,…).

Ou kiter en Europe ?

Ou kiter en Europe ?

Top 6 spots for kitesurfing incontournables in Europe On the same subject : Croisière dans les Caraïbes avec MSC – Mars 2019.

  • 1 – Tarifa, Spain. Tarifa is a charming Balearic station located in Andalusia, on the detroit of Gibraltar. …
  • 2 – Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. …
  • 3 – Beauduc, Palavas-France. …
  • 4 – Rhodes, Greece. …
  • 5 – Delta de l’Ebre, Spain. …
  • 6 – Prain do Guincho, Portugal.

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Quand kiter en Guadeloupe ?

Quand kiter en Guadeloupe ?

To practice kitesurfing in optimal conditions, the best period is December to June. During this period, Guadeloupe was reached by the arrival of the sold out sales. Read also : Msc seaview 2021 – buffet – croisière Caraïbes by Candy Voyages. If you are going to Guadeloupe specifically to do kitesurfing, the cyclonic bike period (from late August to late October) is to be avoided.

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Quelle marque de wing choisir ?

Quelle marque de wing choisir ?

L’aile de wing foil Duotone Slick pour for versatility and a prize in the main. Waile’s wing foil Ensis scores for its power and its compact side. This may interest you : kite surf happy island. L’aile de wing foil HB Flair for its stability and a finish in French! The Eleveight WFS wing foil for its easy-to-boom piloting facility.

Why foil your wings? One of the great advantages of this sport is that it is possible to sail even in light winds. You can take from 7 to 8 knots. It is also ideal for beginners to learn about Wing. No need for large wave conditions, in Wingfoiling it is possible to surf on soft waves that do not break.

Are Gong surfboards good?

Very very good experience. Hi, I have generally had a very good experience with Gong. Board, wing, foil are really good quality for the price also travel bags they come in are also of really good quality much better than expected.

Can You wing without a foil?

Definitely. I had a couple of times on a sup in shallow water without foil to get a feel for the wing first. It does not take long to get the feel for how the wing behaves, but the wing feels pretty weird at first, so I would recommend it.

Can You wing on a SUP?

With a standard SUP board (which you probably already own), just invest 2 pieces of equipment – a Wind Wing, like the highly acclaimed Armstrong A-wing or the latest model Sling Wing from Slingshot and a retro fit keel fin called sUP WINDer , also from Slingshot.

How much wind do I need for a Wingsurf?

Even if you do not need much power once you are on foil, you still need enough power to lift it. SUPs have a good amount of resistance, so we find that most riders need at least 15 knots of wind to be successful foiling on XL hydrofoils. For new riders of average size, a good 17-22 knots is ideal as you are less efficient.

Are Gong wings any good?

The build quality of Gong Wing seems as good as any kiteboarding kite I have used. The handles are neat and stiff, they do not feel floppy. It feels lighter than the 5M DuoTone I’ve driven. It packs really little down and would be great for travel.

What are foil wings?

What is Wing Foil? Wing Foil is the latest in board sports. It consists of handling a two-handed kite (‘wing’) with a hydrofoil mounted on a short SUP board. It’s halfway between Windfoil, Kite Foil and SUP Foil.

Are Gong foils any good?

It’s really amazing. Tested by the team under all conditions, it has never shown any weakness even at 45 knots. In the light wind, we love its glide on the water, which is specific to inflatable boards. The round rails and the thick tail boost the start.

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Où faire du Wing foil en Loire-atlantique ?

Où faire du Wing foil en Loire-atlantique ?

Re: 44 – Loire Atlantique – Vos Sessions Wingfoil & Spots pratique a st brevins. Wind west and south west of Cale du Pointeau. quick access to a large parking lot and a place. Sable banks and not much need to pay attention to the markets.

What is a teacher le Wingfoil? This course is addressed to all persons licensed to the FFVoile and holder of a diploma in mentoring who wish to develop their competencies in the mentoring of WING within an affiliated structure.

Où faire du kitesurf à Noël ?

Où faire du kitesurf à Noël ?

For Christmas 2020 and depending on sanitary measures in place on the borders, I advise you Martinique, Africa of the South, Zanzibar, Dakhla (Morocco) or Egypt (even if it is not the best period for the sale ).

When to do kitesurfing? mai à août: plutôt Afrique. The most popular places: Sakalava-Madagascar North, Babaomby-Madagascar North, Masirah Island-Oman, Essaouira-Morocco …

Où faire du kitesurf en décembre ?

In December, go explore the Philippines Take part in Kitesurfing in the Philippines in December. Kitesurf spots: the flat, the vagaries and the schools of Kitesurf. This destination proposes you to the flat in Cuyo, the beautiful streets in Kingfisher.

Où faire du kite débutant ?

Dakhla, the Delta of the Ebre, the Isle of Maurice, Djerba, Brazil are among the best spots to do a kite internship. Are you on site if you want to learn and develop on kitesurfing? There must be a flat, slightly deep, unobstructed and possible water plan as in Djerba or Lagoinha.

Où et quand kitesurf ?

In March, you can go on kite trips in Brittany, Portugal, Guincho (Lisbon region) or Esposende (Porto region), Tarifa, Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Tanzania, Senegal, en South Africa, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Boa Vista or Sal, Caribbean (all islands, kite cruise or …

Où faire du surf en Guadeloupe ?

The Moule is the most famous and most prized spot in Guadeloupe. It hosts international competitions throughout the year and is mainly reserved for experienced surfers. The reef break, or navy bottom, is composed of rocks and corals, which render the entrance and exit in the technical water.


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